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Battle Dome - Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Yakima SunDome - Yakima, Washington

Photos by Mike Renouard

This was one memorable night of full-contact cage fighting in Yakima's Sundome.

Presented by X-Fighting Championships and K.O. Sports Promotions, and sanctioned

by USA Mixed Martial Arts, the night featured the retirement bout of NW Fighting

legend, Rich Guerin, who fought for the XFC Middleweight Title belt against veteran

fighter, Cedric Marks.  The two went back and forth until Guerin got the takedown and

was able to sink in the Rear Naked Choke for the win.  A very moving retirement

ceremony was held and Guerin's whole family came out to help him retire his gloves.

Other fight action this night included the USA MMA Heavyweight title bout won by

Seattle-based fighter, Mychal "Bolo" Clark.

X-Fighting Championships Professional MMA Bouts

Bout 1 - XFC Light-Heavyweight Bout

Nick Tyree defeated Justin Davis by TKO (strikes) at 2:12 Rd1


Bout 2 - XFC Middleweight Bout

Wesley Welch defeated Ryan Pope by tapout (punches) at 1:23 Rd1


Bout 3 - XFC Middleweight Bout
Cory Devela defeated Dave Knight by verbal submission at 54s Rd2


Bout 4 - XFC PNW Middleweight Championship Bout

Rich Guerin defeated Cedric Marks by tapout (RNC) at 4:14 Rd1


USA MMA Class "A" Amateur Bouts

Bout 5

Chris McCloud defeated Ian Kane by tapout (punches) at 1:41 Rd1


Bout 6
James Marohl defeated Andrew Tilley by tapout (RNC) at 1:03 Rd1


Bout 7
Mike Hanks defeated Jacob Sommers by tapout (guillotine) at 0:36 Rd1



Bout 8

Zach Skinner defeated Gabe Lindquist by tapout (RNC) at 2:10 Rd1


Bout 9

Apaullo Martinez defeated Clint Czecezok by tapout (armbar) at 0:40 Rd1


Bout 10

Tom Truex defeated Justin Gardner by tapout (punches) at 2:31 Rd1


Bout 11 - USA MMA Pacific NW Heavyweight Title Bout

Mychal "Bolo" Clark defeated Doug Lansing by TKO (strikes) at 1:35 Rd2


More Great Photos from the Sun Dome and After-party


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